Hermetica was launched in 2018 thanks to the desire and conviction of Clara and John Molloy, willing to initiate a new way to experience and make perfumes. As close as possible to the skin, like an olfactive dance, combining the best of nature and science with a break through formula present in each composition. Fragrances able to perfume and hydrate at the same time, both long-lasting, clean and alcohol-free, like a true gesture of beauty aware of the environment.


Hermetica Paris or the dance of a perfume on the skin. Follow the fine movement of its sparkling wake. Experience its alchemy which brings together the best of nature and science. Discover fragrances that hydrate and perfume at the same time. Our long-lasting, clean and alcohol-free formulas offer a true gesture of beauty aware of the environment.



Hermetica is taking further step torwards sustainable and green fragrance creation with a pledge to plant one tree with every fragrance sold online.


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Hermetica has partnered with Planète Urgence, the French environmental non-for-profit organization, to finance the planting of more than 5,000 trees in Madagascar and Indonesia. With every purchase, you will be supporting reforestation programs in these regions.


Trees are a vital part of our planet’s eco system. Not only do they provide oxygen, they also lock up harmful green house gases, filter our water, stabilise the soil, provide a habitat for wildlife and are a crucial source of jobs, energy and food. The planting of 5,000 tree seedlings, grown for ten years, will capture approximately 300 000 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to 39 million smartphones charged, 700 barrels of oil consumed or 750 000 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.


“We are extremely proud to be partnering with Planète Urgence on its plant a tree program,” said John Molloy, president and co-founder of Hermetica.“ By giving back through such important schemes, we are not only taking conscious steps to reduce our impact on the environment, but we also hope to encourage everyone to do the same.”


“Planète Urgence aims to plant 10 million trees before 2023 on its programs of reforestation thanks to its financial partners. Each project aligns with an action to benefit humans and socioeconomics activities linked to reforestation,” said Thomas Boisserie, chief executive, Planète Urgence.