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Mansoor S.

I am very happy with the product but the customer service was not very satisfactory. I kept sending emails regarding the delivery of my product as it was taking longer than usual but never heard anything back from the team.

Vanessa C.
Wish it came in a larger sample set

I love all the fragrances. I would buy all of them if I could, but I have found some, others not these that I know of, turn bad after a year and half or so. I can't imagine I would use all of them before they went bad so, wish there was a more larger workable sample set that you can get maybe 50 spritzes out of.

Sommer D.
So Impressed!

I was so taken back by how beautiful the packaging was on the sample set!

I love the option of a sample set as it affords me the opportunity to wear each scent through out the day to see how the scent unfolds.

Simone M.

This is the perfect option to be able to smell and try each scent before purchasing your favorites. Hermetica has beautiful packaging and great scents although some scents that last longer than others.

marilyn b.

Each one of the perfumes smell wonderful but the smell doesn't last long

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