Hermetica Paris continues its commitment to the environment with its new cylindrical, recyclable, 100% plastic-free paper case. Now adorned with the motif associated with each fragrance, it reveals a softer, more tender celadon green bottle that is reusable and produced from locally sourced sand to reduce its carbon footprint. One more step for the protection of the environment that completes the Hermetica Paris choreography and the dance of the fragrance on the skin.

Hermetica’s rich imagery is a collection of collages drawn from different sources woven together to reflect the brand: a dance of patterns, with the presence of ingredients, skin, inspiring colors, and forms, that all together define a visual choreography expressing the movement of each fragrance.

The old golden packaging may still be in stock for some of our references. We cannot guarantee a perfume delivery with the new pack. However, we can guarantee you’ll fall head to toes for your scent!