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Awesome scents...

This is by far the best perfume I’ve ever used, enjoying its very much and so is my granddaughter...thank you for giving me the opportunity to try them.


Wow. AM super amazed at these scents. Very impressed and you can count me as a life long client moving forward.

Package never arrived

This is great

This is absolutely awesome, still want to try some others though when they come available...


Great smelling and long lasting too

Warm and Clean

What a lovely fragrance. I’ve become addicted. Source 1 smells warm and green like early summer.


I love the fragrance.

Give it time

Starts of very intense, but blossoms into a gorgeous violet and rose, that isn't overly powdery. Very gorgeous and I'll be back for a full size when I finish up my sample!

Great cologne

I've only tried two samples but so far they've been great

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This fragrance is not for me. I wanted to try a new scent but I shouldn't deviate from my verticaloud and cedarise without testing first.
IVYME may be better on another person's chemistry but for me it is not pleasant and doesn't feel special like the other scents.

Source is PERFECT

I have been searching for years at this point to find a woodsy scent that is not overly musky or overly floral. Source hits that balance perfectly. It is rich and long lasting without being overwhelming. I can't wait to purchase the full size. If you purchase a sample like me, you'll get 10% off your full bottle. Enjoy!


A beautiful floral perfume. Not like anything I've smelled before. It makes me feel like a lotus when I wear it. The fragrance stays with you all day, and sort of melds into your own scent. I really enjoy this one!

Absolutely the best

It's a beautiful scent that I enjoy although it doesn't last all day I keep it in my purse to jump start it again and then I'm in heaven again

Enspiring perfume, superb service

emphasizeing portfolio of enspiring perfumes,
easy order procedure and payment possibility,
quick and safe delivery
Hubert Spiegler


Smells very fresh and crispy then turns into an earthy scent.

Divine Fragrance!!

I absolutely adore Multilotus! Its a powerful but light feminine fragrance which makes me feel that I am floating in the magical realms of the Gods!


Is absolutely wonderful!

One of my favorite Parfums and it came in a beautiful packaging!


Amazing Fragrance...

I love the genetic behind this fragrance. Def Amber dominant... Reminds me of Initio (Side effect) but at a better deal. I need SandalSun next.

Beautiful fragrance

This one is was my favorite of the four samples I requested. Sadly I used it once and now can not find it!!! I love the other three but this is probably the one I will purchase a full bottle of in the future